Adress: Kaukajärvi Rowing and Canoeing Centre, Kangasalantie 76, 33730 Tampere

Kaukajärvi Rowing and Canoeing Centre – Takon Soutajat ry

Competition Rules

General Competion Rules will be according to the Rules of Racing issued by World Rowing. Qualifying heats will be held on the same day as the actual race. The Danish Heats System will be in use.

Additional Rules for University Rowing

All the rowers of the competing crew must represent a club affiliated with one of the Nordic Student federations. All crew members must be students who are officially registered for and pursuing a course of study at a university, or similar institute with the status as an institution of higher education recognized by the appropriate national authority of their country. Former students of the institutions mentioned above who obtained their academic degree or diploma after January 01, 2021 may also participate. There is no age limit for the competitors. Student ID must be presented on request.


Registration will be open from 1st of March 2022. To register please complete registration form on the competition webpage Registration 2022 ONRC TIR – Takon Soutajat ry

Alternatively, entries may be submitted via email to:

The notification should include, in addition to the rower´s name and competition category, the name of the rowing club, the name of the team leader, mobile phone number and email address.

The notification must reach the organizer no later than Sunday June 5th, 2022 at 23:59.

Registration fee and payment:

1x = 25 € (Junior B, and younger € 20)

2x / 2 = 30 € (Junior B, and younger € 25)

4X / 4 = 40 €

8+ = 50 €

The rowing club or sports federation should pay the registration fee in advance to the bank account of Takon Soutajat rowing club. For payments from abroad:


IBAN NO: FI25 5730 0820 2951 41

Account holder: Takon Soutajat R. Y. , Hatanpäänkatu 6, 33900 TAMPERE FINLAND

Cancellations should be communicated in writing to the Race Office or the Race Committee by Friday, June 17th 2022 at 18.00. Notification of cancellations received by this date and time will be charged only the registration fee. Notification of cancellations received after Friday June 17th 2022 at 18:00 will be charged additionally the same entry fee as they would pay if they were participating. In case of regatta cancellation due to COVID19 or similar pandemics, 50% of paid registration fees will be refunded.

Any late entries, that will not cause changes to the original starting list regarding starting times or the number of trials races may be accepted. Late entries are permitted until 20:00 the day before the race. The registration fee for late entries is double the normal entry fee.

Team Contact

In order to help communication, every team should register one contact person under: National Team, Rowing Club and University Contact Form 2022 ONRC and TIR – Takon Soutajat ry

Boat House Area, Trailer and Team Parking; Team Tents

Boat House Area as well as Trailer and Team Parking will be located close by the competition center. Team Tents will be possible to set up at the boat house area.


The track is 2000 meters long, straight and free of currents. The Albano system has six lanes and fixed starting pontoons. 

Traffic rules

Traffic Rules 2022 ONRC and TIR – Takon Soutajat ry

Training, Warming up

Check the official training times from the competition schedule. Training on water is prohibited during racing! During racing hours, warm up tent can be used for training and warm up. 

Starting List

A registration list will be available on Monday, 13th June 2022.

A starting list will be posted on the above website after the draw is completed on 17th of June 2022. A complete and updated second version of the starting list will be available the evening before the race.


All competitors as well as supporting team members need to be accredited at the regatta office with entering the regatta venue. The personal registration passport will ensure movement in the competition area as well as certain discounts.

Regatta Team Leader Meeting

Note that the regatta meeting will be held on Friday, June 17th at 18:00 at the regatta office. Club representatives must be present at the meeting.


The draw will take place at the regatta office on June 17th at 19:00 after the Team Leader Meeting.

Qualifying Heats

If more than six teams enroll for the same race qualifying heats will be organized. The Danish heats system will be applied to all races. If there is a need for qualifying heats in one of the attempted Nordic Junior Championships races, the teams that are official national teams will be seeded in the trial heats.


Lightweight rowers and coxswains will be weighed at the regatta office no earlier than two hours and no later than one hour before the rower´s/coxswain´s first race each day.

Uniforms and Oars

All national teams shall perform in National rowing uniform and all oars in registered WorldRowing colors.

All club and university teams shall perform uniformly, preferably in similar uniforms and with identical oars paintings.


Rowers coming first in each race Tampere International Regatta will be awarded Takon Soutajat plaques. The award ceremony will take place immediately after each race.

The winning team in the JNM and SNM will be awarded the NOR Championship Plaque while second and third place will be awarded NOR silver and bronze medals.

Refreshments and Meals

Coffee, sandwiches, candy, ice cream, etc. is on sale at the regatta cafeteria.

Lunch and other warm meals will be for sale or per-order. More information and orders under Additional Services 2022 ONRC and TIR – Takon Soutajat ry

Live Streams and Photographs

It will be an intention to have live streaming of the competition on the competition webpage:

There will be a professional photographer on the venue. In case you have any special request, please contact the Regatta Office. Information about possible purchase of photographs will be published later.

As the regatta is a public event on a public venue, it is assumed, that all attendances give their consent for being photographed or filmed at and around the event. It is further more assumed, that all attendances give their consent for possible publications of photographs by Takon Soutajat ry, Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation and the photographer himself.

In case you explicitly want to prevent any photographs been taken or published from you, please contact the Regatta Office.

Opening Ceremony
On Friday the 17th of June 2022 at 20:30 an opening ceremony will be held at the Kaukajärvi Competition Centre. All actives as well as supporting teams are invited to join the ceremony. Ceremony will include welcome speeches as well as pricing of the Charity After eight 8+ regatta held before the ceremony.

All accredited participants will be served a traditional finish sausage before the ceremony.

Social Event:
In the spirit of sports, there will be arranged a social event with Dinner after Saturday’s races which will take place at Takon Soutajat Club house, close to the Tampere City Centre. The Dinner will be a casual barbeque and hang-out event.

More information and orders under: Additional Services 2022 ONRC and TIR – Takon Soutajat ry

Adress: Tampereen Soutukeskus, Hatanpäänkatu 6, 33900 Tampere

Closing Ceremony
On Sunday the 19th of June 2022 at 16:30 a closing ceremony will be held at the Kaukajärvi Competition Centre. All actives as well as supporting teams are invited to join the ceremony.

Accommodation for Clubs and National Teams

Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. Organization committee has been negotiating some special rates at suitable accommodations. Please see Accommodation Recommendations 2022 ONRC and TIR – Takon Soutajat ry

Or check out for accommodation in Tampere or in a nearby town (e.g. Kangasala)