About Indoor Rowing Classes

What are indoor rowing classes like?

Indoor rowing classes (know as “soutuspinning” in Finnish and often shorted to “spinni”) consist of a warm up of around 10 minutes of light rowing followed by intervals of more intense rowing interspersed with recovery periods where you continue rowing but at low intensity. Most classes include a short period of core body training and end up with a short stretching session. Classes last either 45 minutes or 60 minutes. Our instructors make their own class programmes that vary regularly. Classes are conducted in Finnish but you don´t need to be fluent in Finnish to join in. Ask the instructor if you need advice in English or some other language.

How fit do I have to be?

You don´t need to be particularly fit to come to Indoor Rowing Classes. The rowing machines can be set to low resistance and even during the more intense intervals everyone rows according to their own power and endurance levels. If however you are fit, you will be able to use more power as you row and to challenge yourself on the indoor rowing machine. It is quite possible for a very fit person and a couch potato to join in the same Indoor Rowing Class. Just as, in a boat on the lake, the fitter person will row a longer distance in a given time, so she or he will clock up more kilometres on the rowing machine computer. However both rowers will have rowed for the same time and both will have gotten a decent work out!

What if I´m overweight or have joint problems?

Indoor rowing is gentle on the joints and is a good aerobic exercise for overweight people. It suits many people who have knee, ankle or hip problems.

How do I row efficiently and easily?

Check out this rowing technique video and row like the woman in the video!