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Lauantain alkuerät lähtölistat ja tulokset

Lauantain finaalit lähtölistat ja tulokset

Sunnuntain alkuerät lähtölistat ja tulokset

Sunnuntain finaalit lähtölistat ja tulokset

Lauantain lähdöt

Sunnuntain lähdöt

Tiedoksi: Uimalan WC ja saunatilat aukeaa molempina päivinä 12.00.
WC tiloja voi käyttää vapaasti mutta pukuhuoneet, suihkut ja sauna on maksullisia.
Soutajat voi käyttää tiloja lastenlipun hinnalla mikä on 5,00 / henkilö.
Rannalla on myös erilliset vapaasti käytettävät pukukopit ja bajamajat venevarikko alueella.




Takon Soutajat rowing club invites you to The 60th TAMPERE INTERNATIONAL REGATTA  at Lake Kaukajärvi in Tampere on Saturday, July 3rd and Sunday, July 4th, 2021

Competition Rules

Qualifying heats will be held on the same day as the actual race. Finnish Competition Rules are used. The time interval between finals is 10 minutes.

Preliminary Race Schedule

The preliminary race schedule can be found Preliminary race schedule international regatta 3.-4.7.2021


Entries may be submitted via new site

Each team leader should also send the name of the rowing club, the name of the team leader, mobile phone number and email address to email

The notification must reach the organizer no later than Wednesday June 23th, 2021 at. 24:00.

Starting List

A registration list will be available  from Wednesday, 30th June 2021.

A list will be posted on the above website after the draw is completed on 2nd July. A complete and updated second version of the starting list will be available the evening before the race.


The draw will take place at the regatta office on July 2nd at 20:00.

Qualifying Heats

If more than six teams enroll for the same race qualifying heats will be organized.  There will be a B-final arranged only if there are more than 9 registered teams. C- or D-finals will not be organized.

Boating and Regatta Office

The regatta office will be operating on the shores of Kaukajärvi lake.  Boats can be stored in a secure area close to the lake shore.

Registration fee and payment:

1x = 20 € (Junior B, and younger € 15)
2x / 2- = 25 € (Junior B, and younger € 20)
4X / 4- = 30 €, 8+ = 35 €

The rowing club or sports federation should pay the registration fee in advance to the bank account of Takon Soutajat rowing club. For payments from abroad:


IBAN NO: FI25 5730 0820 2951 41

Account holder: Takon Soutajat R. Y. , Hatanpäänkatu 6, 33900 TAMPERE FINLAND

Traffic rules

Traffic rules will be posted on the notice board at the regatta office and at the landing stage.


Rowers coming first-third in each race Tampere Regatta will be awarded Takon Soutajat plaques.


Coffee, rolls, hot dogs, candy, ice cream, etc. is on sale at the regatta office.

COVID-19 situation

Hygienic acts needed during regatta. All clubs need to have own hand disinfectant with them. Social distancing need to be preserved. Current situation and acts seen before regatta as general situation and rules will change.


The track is 2000 meters long, straight and free of currents. The Albano system has six lanes.There is fixed starting at 2000 meters.


Lightweight rowers and coxswains will be weighed at the regatta office no earlier than two hours and no later than one hour before the rower´s/coxswain´s first race each day.

Regatta Meeting

Note that the regatta meeting will be held on Saturday, July 3rd at 9:00 at the regatta office. Club representatives must be present at the meeting.

Accommodation for Clubs and National Teams

Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. Some suggestions are given below for accomodation that is about 10 minutes by car from the competition area.

Kaukajärvi Course Records

More information:

Regatta Competition Secretary:

+358 50 370 1160