The Vikingsoutu Row is a long boat rowing competition for companies, clubs and other groups. It takes place in May every year at the beginning of the rowing season. Long boats compete on the journey from Hatanpää around Viikinsaari island and back to Hatanpää, a distance of approximately 9 km.

Rowing teams can use Vikingsoutu as a charity event. Each year money is donated to a different charity. This year donations will be going to the Childrens´ Clinic at the Tampere Regional Hospital.

Vikingsoutu 30.- 31.5.2017:

The fun and charity races take place on Tuesday and Wednesday 30th – 31st May 2017 at 17:00 and 18:00. The more competitive race with separate categories for men and women this competition takes place on Tuesday 30th May, beginning at 19:00.

The cost of participation for a longboat team (14 rowers and a coxswain) is 200 € until the end of April, between 1st May and 21st May, 250 € and from 22nd May up until the event 21.5 the price is 270 € for a longboat team. It is also possible to participate as a single rower in a longboat with other individuals. One rower place costs 17 €.

Instructions for registering for the event can be found in our Finnish language pages (Viking-soutu). If you require information in English please contact