Olympic class rowing refers to the class of boat (not, necessarily the rower:) Olympic class boats are the long, slim boats that you see – yes –  in the Olympics and other international rowing competitions but you don´t need to be an Olympic level rower to row Olympic class boats. It is possible to start rowing in these boats as a teenager or even preteen. The only prerequisite is that you have to be able to swim.

Takon soutajat rowing club owns one-person, two-person, four-person and eight-person boats and runs rowing courses for juniors in the early summer.  If you are interested in rowing at competition level, Tako will support your training and participation in  rowing events. Members can also row without any obligation to participate in competitions.

Most of Takon soutajat Olympic class rowing takes place on Lake Kaukajärvi but some teams practice on Lake Pyhäjärvi near the centre of Tampere.