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Takon soutajat (Tako Rowers) is a Tampere based rowing club. Founded in 1957, the club celebrates it´s 60th anniversary in 2017. The club has around 300 members of whom about 100 are active rowers of either Olympic class boats or wooden boats. The club was ranked as the best wooden boat rowing club in Finland in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

We welcome new members, including juniors and adult beginners as well as more experienced rowers. If you would like to join Takon soutajat, get in touch and/or fill in a membership application form 2018.

The main premises of Takon soutajat on the shores of Lake Pyhjäjärvi is equipped with a gym, 35 indoor rowing machines and an indoor training pool.

The Rowing Pavilion in the same building is an attractive venue for meetings, get-togethers and sauna evenings.

Pyhäjärvi is the club´s home lake for wooden boat rowing and also the venue of Pirkan soutu  rowing event. It is possible to rent a long boat with coxswain from Takon soutajat.

Lake Kaukajärvi, a few kilometres east of the city centre, is the club´s home lake for Olympic class rowing  and International Regatta.

Takon soutajat runs daily Indoor Rowing Classes, (known as soutuspinning in Finnish) for non-members from around late August until early June. There are links in the timetable in the Indoor Rowing Classes page to more detailed information about the classes and the instructors. Read some general information about indoor rowing classes and check out the comments of Mirja, a regular customer!