Renting a long boat 

We rent long boats for rowing events, company events, group outings etc. A long boat takes up to 14 rowers (and we recommend a minimum of 8 rowers). Each rower has one oar. A coxswain commands the rowers and steers the boat with a rudder at the back of the boat.

Long boat rowing is an ideal active team activity that takes you into pleasant surroundings. Mainly we rent boats from the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi by the Rowing Centre (Soutukeskus) at Hatanpää. Is is also possible, for an additional fee, to collect or leave the long boats at other locations.

Long boat rowing in a rented boat

  • long boats (in Finnish kirkkovene – church boat) seat 14 rowers and a coxswain
  • the boats have sliding seats but there is also a fixed seat long boat available for rent
  • feet are strapped into adjustable foot supports
  • life jackets for the rowers and coxswain are included in the rental price
  • it is possible to rent a coxswain for your group
  • you can rent a long boat without a coxswain only if you have an experienced coxswain in your group
  • the whole team assists in launching the boat into the lake along with someone from the rowing club
  • a member of the rowing club gives a quick lesson in the basics of rowing before you leave
  • suitable for men, women and mixed groups


One hour costs 200 €/boat, additional hours 50 €/hour.
A coxswain from Takon soutajat rowing club costs 25 €/hour

For more information and reservations call 050 370 1160 (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or enquire by email to takonsoutajat@takonsoutajat